SK Signet delivers W5b ultrafast EV chargers to Revel

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SK Signet, the electric vehicle charger maker under SK Group, said Wednesday that it has delivered the first shipment of its new V2 ultrafast 400-kilowatt EV chargers, to Revel, a Brooklyn-based electric mobility and infrastructure firm, in a deal worth to 5 billion won ($3.7 million).

Revel is the first client to receive the V2 since its mass production. Accelerating EV adoption in the city, the US company provides electric rideshare services, mopeds rental, and fast charging stations dubbed “Superhubs.”

Starting this December, the new ultrafast EV charger will be installed around New York and California. The 400-kilowatt charger, once paired with a 600-kilowatt power cabinet, can charge up to 4 EVs at the same time.

The Tesla Model Y, one of Revel’s rideshare models, can use the ultrafast charger at a lower price as it recognizes the vehicle and controls the power, the company added.

With EV charger production in the US, SK Signet is expected to cater to each client’s needs, including Revel, Francis Energy, Terawatt Infrastructure, and Electric Era, the key players in EV charging infrastructures.

“In addition to Charging Point Operators, we will ramp up our presence in the US by securing partnerships with EV Fleet,” said SK Signet CEO Shin Jung-ho.